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Celebrate Your Power and Elevate to Unstoppable at JD3TV’s Premier Events

Inspire, Learn, and Grow Together in an Unrivaled Experience That Marries Celebration with Transformation

There Is No Limit To What You Can Accomplish When You Believe In Yourself And Your Abilities

Choose the Session That Aligns with Your Ambitions and Schedule


10 - 11

  • Chicago, IL


    Rhona Bennett,Tanjie Brewer, Mike Filsaime, James E. Dixon, Dr. Patricia Jo Grover, Michael Mathews, Jose Baeza, Dannella Burnett, Baroness Dr. Kara Scott-Dentley, Robbie Mathews, James Dentley



  • Chicago, IL


    Systematic, Comprehensive Approach to Leadership and Excellence



  • Chicago, IL


    Embrace Excellence, Illuminate Hope


    28 - 29

    Fri: 9am-5pm

    Sat: 9am-5pm 

  • Atlanta, GA


    Dannella Burnett, James E. Dixon, Dr. Renita Gibbs, Baron Dr. James Dentley, III, Robbie Mathews, Michael Mathews, Angela Carr Paterson


    Empowering Legends


    18 - 19

  • Indianapolis, IN


    James E. Dixon, Baron Dr. James Dentley, III, Dr. Stacee Lang, Dr. Patricia Jo Grover, Baroness Dr. Kara Scott Dentley, Lennette Evans-Roberts, Austin Walsh, Tanjie Brewer

    Unveil the Power of Boundless Opportunities

    Now is the time to break barriers and step into your unlimited potential. JD3TV Events are a vibrant celebration of what it means to be powerful, strong, and utterly unstoppable.

    Immerse yourself in an event designed to elevate both your personal and professional life to heights you never imagined possible.

    Here's Your Path to Ascension:

    • Inspirational Stories: Be moved by the powerful narratives of speakers who've turned challenges into triumphs, paving the way for your success.

    • Actionable Insights: Leave not just inspired but equipped—armed with practical strategies and insights to overcome any hurdle and bolster your confidence.

    • A Community of Power: Find your tribe among a group of determined, like-minded individuals. Forge connections that will support and inspire you long after the event has ended.

    Become part of this unique community where education, evolution, and exultation merge and pave the way to an unforgettable future. This is where motivation meets festivity on your quest to unlock the most formidable version of yourself.